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     Stand 27.01.2004


CH Snofjell´s Honey Bunny

 black silver torbie classic white (fs 09 22) 



















Honey was love at first sight when I looked into her cute face I couldn´t  resist and I think Honey didn´t want to leave us anyway. Her sister was "better", looking at show cat potentials but I never decide by that just by heart. Out of all my cats she has the highest legs and the longest tail. Her head is medium in length, her profile is straight, but her chin is a little weak. Her ears are normal sized and placed very high on her head. I love her sweet expression and the nice silver color over all she looks very much like her mother Mara. Unfortunately she dosen´t have any ear tips but we hope Inaki will  make up for that. Honey is our little sunshine, who is always in good mood, loves to play and cuddle all the time. We hope that she can bring the highness on legs into our lines, that some of our cats are still missing.